Beans & Such
On the Square - Downtown Lincoln, Illinois
We proudly offer Coffee Masters gourmet favored coffee
Our Gourmet Flavored Coffee:

Breakfast Blend                     Caramel Kiss*
Creme Brulee                        Devil's Food Cake
Devil's Kiss* (Choc. & Caramel)
Highlander Grogg(Irish Whiskey, Butter Crème & Spice)

Italian Espresso                    Jamaican Me Crazy 
Kona Extra Fancy                
Mexican Mocha* (Choc. w/touch of cinnamon)
Pecan Torte
San Fran
cisco Blend             Snickerdoodle* 
Sumatra                               Toasted Almond Crème   
Vanilla Nut Crème*              Vanilla Raspberry*                         *available in Decaf.

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